We offer many services for both individual clients and businesses alike:

Individual Income Tax Preparation Service

We prepare individual 1040 returns and all states with an income tax.

Business Income Tax Preparation Service

We prepare business income tax returns including Sole Proprietors, LLC, and Partnerships (Form 1065).

Other Income Tax Preparation Service

We prepare Fiduciary Income Tax Returns (Form 1041), and Estate Income Tax Returns (Form 706).

Tax Planning Service

We offer tax planning services to individuals, partnerships, corporations, LLCs and LLPs. This also includes such things as:
  1. Self-employment Estimated Taxes Quarterly.
  2. Estimated taxes due on IRA early or normal withdrawals.
  3. Help with setting up a business and deciding which form of an entity is best for you.
  4. Assisting you in obtaining your federal and state ID numbers that are required to start a business.

Bookkeeping Service

We offer monthly bookkeeping services for small to medium size businesses. This service includes the following:
  For our Bookkeeping Service Clients, the monthly info can be brought to our office, emailed to us, called in (if only payroll), or McGuire Tax can pick up your data at your location.

Please note that all current year tax returns we prepare are filed electronically. We are governed by a mandate from both the IRS and most states to file the returns electronically instead of on paper. Currently, the only returns we paper file are those for prior years (this may change in the near future). Some returns that are rejected when filed electronically must be paper filed.